La Normativa degli agriturismo in Umbria

- le norme che regolano l'attivitā degli agriturismi in Umbria

Rules and Regulations for Agrotourismus in Umbria

Rules and regulations for Agrotourismus in Umbria

In compliance with the law

The farm contractor will furthermore practise other activities, which are directly connected with the cultivation and breeding (working, preservation, transformation, valorisation and trade of his own products). He will provide services using his own farm equipment and resources, connected to his main farm activity. An Agrotourismus is therefore chiefly a farm, where the public service is just one of the main activities, so if you want to stay or eat at an Agrotourismus in Umbria, please take into consideration the following laws in force: Legge Regionale N. 28 del 14/08/1997, Disciplina delle attivitā agrituristiche con Testo aggiornato il 07/06/2000.
What is included into an Agrotourismus service ?

  1. Giving hospitality inside apartments or houses - located inside the farm property – that the farmer does not need anymore, where all hygienic and structural requirements provided for houses are met, though considering the architectural features of the farm itself. Every building material will therefore meet the typical rural requirements of the region. If the farmer does not own other useful buildings inside his property, he may use buildings located in the same town or district, when these buildings are connected to his activity.
  2. Giving hospitality on special equipped open-air sites, with essential services.
  3. Preparation and administration of meals and beverages (alcoholic drinks included), made up of local or regional products (at least 2/3 of the whole). These products may even be manufactured by other local factories the farmer is connected with. Tasting of regional products and/or local gastronomy is allowed as well.
  4. Direct selling of local food produced by the farm (even though manufactured by external factories) and typical handcrafted products.
  5. Stud farming, as well as cattle breeding are allowed for sport activities inside the farm.
  6. Recreational, cultural and didactic activities are organised inside the farm, especially those activities connected with the local traditions and the territory.
Farm contractors who serve just vegetarian food inside their farms are exempted from having animals. The following authorisation given to the farm will specify this characteristic, and a special notice has to be hung inside the farm for this purpose. Without this notice every endorsement, previously given, will be withdrawn.
Max accommodation capacity of an Agrotourismus is 30, whether it has just one house, or more buildings. Every room must have enough ventilation and lighting, walls must be periodically painted.
Every swimming pool belonging to the farm can be used only by the guests, and it is considered as private until a 160 -square meter area.
Buffets and restaurants can offer no more than 2 seats for each bed, and every seat must provide at least a 1,5 square metre area, unless the farm offers only meals and beverages, and it has been included in a special regional list. This limit can be exceeded just in case of school trips or bigger groups of students visiting the farm.
Breakfast is included, so it can be served by every farm, respecting every hygienic requirement. It does not need to be prepared with local food.

Quality rules and regulations for hospitality inside an Agrotourismus.

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